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Best Mojito in the World - Recipe

We went in search of the best mojito in the world and we found it. You are not going to find a mojito like this at a bar. It takes too long to make. However, we found a place that takes the time to make it right, and we will share the recipe with you in this video.

I met up with my long-time travel friend Freddie and we went to Havana Cuba and hit all the popular spots like La Bodeguita Del Medio where Ernest Hemingway was rumored to have discovered the Mojito. We were disappointed. Many places in Havana made a good mojito but it wasn’t until we discovered a little place at the end of a peninsula in the bay in Cienfuegos, that we discovered the secret to making a great mojito.

We hope this video helps you make an amazing mojito and if you visit Cuba, make sure to stop by Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos and tell them Jim and Freddie sent you.

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