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Costa Rica

Retire at Lake Arena Cost Rica-2372
Retire in Puerto Vieja Costa Rica
Retire in Jaco Costa Rica
Retire in Tamarindo Costa Rica
Retire in Nosara Costa Rica

Are you fed up with the rat race and want a simpler and easier life? Would you rather have a life where every day feels like vacation? Costa Rica is our choice for overall quality of life for less than what you would pay in the U.S. 8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica will tell you what you need to know to decide if Costa Rica is right for you. Costa Rica was once cheap and it’s not the bargain it once was; but there are still many advantages to living there. Discover the top metropolitan, suburban, mountain, beach and rural locations. You will see what it’s like to live in each place, what the local infrastructure offers, what the transportation options are, and how far it is to medical services. Each community has its own personality, and paradise for one person may not be so great for someone else. Find out which community is best for you in 8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica.


Salinas Ecuador
Cuenca Ecuador
Sunset at Montanita
Quito Ecuador

Ecuador has recently jumped high on the list of best places to retire. It has inexpensive living in a variety of mountain destinations as well as beachside living. A growing tourist industry, a new constitution, cheap energy and a reputation for great affordable healthcare have made it increasing popular as a place to live and retire.


A large indigenous population adds to the many cultural experiences available. A trip to the Amazon Basin, a nearby volcano, mountain hot springs or the Galapagos Islands can enhance the adventure in your life.

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