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Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica videos take off where the books and guides leave off. These videos will give you a true look at what it’s like to live in Costa Rica. Hear real stories of real people living their dream and sharing their struggles. See what city-life, suburban, mountain, beach and rural living in Costa Rica are actually like. Books and guides are great but don’t make a decision until you can see what they are talking about.

Watch a sample now:


This video will introduce you to some of the best places to live or retire in Costa Rica. Discover the top metropolitan, suburban, mountain, beach and rural locations. You will see what it’s like to live in each place, what the local infrastructure offers, what the transportation options are, and how far it is to medical services. Each community has its own personality, and paradise for one person may not be so great for someone else. Find out which community is best for you in 8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica.  

LivingOverseas.TV is proud to release "8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica". Here is a short sample featuring:

8Great PLaces to live in

Costa Rica

Here are some of the benefits of living or retiring in Costa Rica.
  • Close to the U.S. — Direct flights are available from many cities and it’s less than three hours from Miami.

  • Healthcare Options — Costa Rica has ranked better than the U.S. by The World Health Organization and is a fraction of the costs.

  • Slower Pace of Life — Costa Rica lifestyle puts living first and working second.

  • Many of the comforts of home — Great food, new shopping malls, high-speed Internet and cable TV (in English) are all available.

  • Beautiful weather — Enjoy picture-perfect weather year round from the pleasant Central Valley to the stunning tropical beaches.

  • The most stable democracy in Latin America — No other country has the peaceful history and democratic stability of Costa Rica

video samples from 8 Great places to Live in Costa Rica:


Tamarindo is our choice for best expat beach community. It may be too touristy for some but with that comes many restaurants and other amenities.






















Nosara is our choice for overall best beach living. If jungle foliage next to the beach appeals to you than this may be your place. Santa Teresa & Mal Pais are our choice for best remote beach living. It’s international vibe and laid back style has attracted many to call it home.






















Montezuma is our pick for best bohemian beach living. Small and cozy, it’s easy to walk to everything here. There is even a waterfall close to town.


















Jaco and the surrounding area is a great choice for the beach life close to San Jose. From the Los Suneos resort to Playa Hermosa, the area surrounding Jaco offers something for everyone.
















Escazu, just outside of San Jose is our pick for best metropolitan living with city amenities and great healthcare.















Puerto Viejo is our choice for best laidback beach living. If a Rasta vibe on the Caribbean is what you’re looking for than Puerto Viejo may be right for you.
















La Fortuna and the Lake Arenal region is our pick for mountain and lake living. Waterfalls, hot springs and forests scatter the area with many hills providing breathtaking views.


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