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living in Ecuador


Ecuador has recently jumped high on the list of best places to retire. It has inexpensive living in a variety of mountain destinations as well as beachside living. A growing tourist industry, a new constitution, cheap energy and a reputation for great affordable healthcare have made it increasing popular as a place to live and retire.


A large indigenous population adds to the many cultural experiences available. A trip to the Amazon Basin, a nearby volcano, mountain hot springs or the Galapagos Islands can enhance the adventure in your life.

Living in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, nestled in the Andes Mountains is known for its natural beauty, charming colonial architecture, and 70-degree year -round temperatures. It has a well-established international expat community. Modern services and city amenities make living here easy. Pedestrian walkways, bike paths, excellent public transportation and cheap taxis facilitate getting around without a car.


State-of-the-art medical facilities with highly trained medical professionals are available. Shopping malls, grocery stores, hardware stores, and restaurants, are abundant.

Living in Salinas, Ecuador


Salinas is one of the most popular of all of Ecuador’s beaches. Many locals flock here on the weekends and during high season for fun in the sun; however, weekdays and off-season can be fairly quiet. Surfing, paddleboards, jet skis and kayaks are all here for ocean adventure. Skydiving and hang gliding expeditions are available for those wanting some air time.  You can also book a day of deep sea fishing or a cruise on a private yacht for a more relaxed excursion.

Living in Baños, Ecuador


Baños is the central highlands’ premiere destination for mountain-biking, hiking, rafting and has an amazing mountain setting with a waterfall view from town. After your adventure, thermal springs are available to soak your bones. It’s a basecamp for many bohemian backpackers planning hikes up steep gorges, around volcanos and through thick forests. It’s also the gateway to the Amazon where you can bike or boat all the way to the Amazon Basin.

Living in Quito, Ecuador

Quito, is the capital city of Ecuador; and at an elevation of 9,350 feet above sea level, it is the highest official capital city in the world. In general, it still has a small city, friendly welcoming attitude, but be prepared for big city pollution and traffic. The night life is exhilarating in the Mariscal area and there are numerous weekend getaways in the mountains.


Quito is very diverse with a captivating blend of urban and traditional indigenous cultures. It also has a growing Asian population and a large expat community.

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