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Why live or retire in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has amazing nature and that’s probably the best reason to live there. But another great reason, as boring as it may sound is infrastructure.

Costa Rica's infrastructure makes it stand out above many other Latin American countries when it comes to living or retiring in another country. Roads can be bad if you are trying to get somewhere fast, but not too much of a problem if you live here, you can take your time because you’re no longer in a rush. And the government has been making progress on paving roads.

Good internet – Wifi is everywhere, internet speed is not great at hotels or anywhere that a lot of people are using a single router at the same time. Plus, you will put your phone down a lot more… engaging with people and enjoying beaches, waterfalls, and life.

Co-work places exist and fast internet is available.

Cell phone service – Good in town and cheap

Water – Drinkable most everywhere

Food – is great, large markets, small local markets, farmers markets and many restaurants.

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