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Living and Retiring in a Game of Thrones Village.

Many locations in Gerona, Spain have been used in the popular video series, Game of Thrones.

If you would like to live in a charming, Game of Thrones village, living in the old town center of Girona may be right for you. The old town (Barri Vell) has medieval allure without the crime and the crowds of Barcelona. Modern apartments are also available as well as contemporary villas and traditional farmhouses.

The lifestyle

If you are looking for year-round sunshine, a relaxed attitude to life you’ll find it here. People walk the streets at night, stop to chat and are genuinely interested in how you are. They meet up to take a beer, wine or a coffee at any hour of the day.

There are many living options in Gerona, Spain for expats looking to retire abroad.

The cost of living

Girona is much cheaper than other places in Europe and even the larger cities in Spain. You can eat out cheaply, and fill your fridge for even cheaper. Public transportation is great and a pass will cost you about $34.00 per month. An expat can live comfortably here for about $1,200 per month. Girona is a little over an hour north of Barcelona by car, making it easy for big city outings.

Affordable dining and entertainment are available in Gerona, Spain

Getting around

It’s not far from the French border, and not far away from the Costa Brava. The airport is a 15-minute drive from the city making it a great base for Europe hopping on the cheap flights.

Sailboat ported along the Costa Brava, Spain is not far from Gerona, Spain.

Here are some average costs:

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant in the City Center, including drink $9.25

Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter draught at restaurant $2.00

Cappuccino (medium) $160

Apartment Rent, 1 bedroom in the City Centre $470.

Most food and produce at the grocery store was higher quality and cost less than what I would expect in the U.S.

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